Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Asian Film Series Will Return in September

The Asian Film Series will return in September. As always, suggestions for future films to screen are welcome and can be made through the comments section of this BLOG.


MYC said...

Hi, have you ever thought of showing the Young and Dangerous sequels?

Josias said...

I have thought about showing some of the early films in the series, maybe part two or three.

Alexander said...

How by one or more of the films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul? I've found his stuff excellent, very interesting reworking of narrative, and intense visuals. I'd love to rewatch and discuss some of his movies, first choice would probably be Syndromes and a Century.

There's also Edward Yang, I've only seen Yi Yi but that was fantastic enough to definitely invite more.

Nonsuch Ned said...

I noticed that Criterion just released a new master of Kuroneko, it looks interesting, seems like it, or another Kaneto Shindo film, would be a good October/Halloween choice.

...Not that I've ever seen any of his films- Amazon told me it's something I would be interested in, so of course I listened ;-)