Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Taiwan Cinema College Showcase at UWM

Taiwan Cinema College Showcase at UWM

The Asian Film Series will be suspending its normal activities for the next two Thursdays in support of the Taiwan Cinema College Showcase at UWM.

This is an open invitation to the Taiwan Cinema College Showcase at UWM. This showcase will present five contemporary Taiwanese films over the course of two weeks.

The first screening of the film festival Cape No. 7 will take place in Curtin 175 at 7:00pm on Thursday December 2nd.

-Cape No. 7 is a 2008 Taiwanese romance comedic music-drama film written and directed. The film is in Taiwanese and Mandarin Chinese and with significant lines in Japanese. Before its commercial release, the film was world premiered on June 20, 2008 at the 2008 Taipei Film Festival as the opening film. The film later won 3 awards in this festival.

Information regarding the other screenings all of which are screened in Curtin 175:

-Somewhere Over The Dreamland (2002) 7PM Friday December 3rd

The tale of an intense love that is both unrequited and irrepressible, involving
the lives of Watan, an aboriginal from Formosa island; Xiao Mo-a lonely young
sushi chef; and Xuen Xuen a young merry-go-round attendant.

Orz Boyz (2008) 7PM Saturday December 4th

More than just naughty, these boys play tricks on classmates, tease
girls at school, fight with other boys, and lie to everyone until their
teacher breaks down.

Parking (2008) 7PM Thursday December 9th

When a car unexpectedly double parks next to Chen Mo's car,
preventing his exit, he spends the evening searching the floors of a
nearby apartment building for the owner of the illegally parked car.

Yang Yang (2009) 7PM Friday December 10th

Depicting the life of Yang-Yang, a girl of French-Chinese decent,
this film deals with her life, her relationships with men, with her
mother and friends.

This showcase is sponsored by the following:

The Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in
Chicago, UWM's Department of Foreign
Languages and Literature, Chinese
Language Program, Asian Studies Certificate,
the Film Studies Program, and Center for
International Education

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