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Born to Fight (2004)

Born to Fight (2004)

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January 27th, 7:00PM in Garland 104 (2441 E. Hartford)

Thai action cinema has become world famous through individuals such as Tony Jaa with Ong Bak (2003) and Tom Yum Goong (2005) and recently Jeeja Yanin playing the autistic action hero of Chocolate (2008). But Thai action has many more flavors then this.

While the aforementioned films are more or less unarmed combat films, Born to Fight is what if you were speaking of Hong Kong cinema, you might call Gun Fu. That is, a fast paced mixture of gunplay and martial arts with the occasional car chase or explosion thrown into the mix.
The plot revolves around a off duty police officer (Dan Chupong) who upon visiting a small village with his sisters class trip, runs afoul of a group of terrorists. His challenge is to rescue them without causing a bloodbath.
The films name is a reference to a 1984 film of the same name and also directed by Panna Rittikrai, which is regarded as one of the seminal works in the evolution of Thai action cinema. Added to this is a healthy dose of Thai nationalism that makes the film a rousing spectacle for its domestic audience and an enjoyable action film for everyone else.
Thailand, Director Panna Rittikrai, Cast Dan Chupong, Noppol Gomarachun, Suntisuk Phromsiri and Piyapong Pue-On, 96 minutes, in Thai with English subtitles

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