Monday, March 9, 2009

Disco Dancer (1983)

Disco Dancer (1983)

March 12th, 6:30PM in Garland 104 (2441 E. Hartford)

After a decade of major, big budget Indian films making their way to the US; many older Indian films are making their way into the Western consciousness.

One of these films is a strange little film from the early 1980's that has reached cult status. Disco Dancer tells the story of a young man named Jimmy who grows up under a cloud of oppression. Determined to make it he falls back upon his one great skill, Disco Dancing. What follows is a strange, musical, love story, revenge tale and disco spectacular.

India, Director Babbar Subhash, Cast Mithun Chakraborty, Kim, Kalpana Iyer and Om Puri, 134 minutes, in Hindi with English Subtitles.

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bonbon and sapid said...

I love this movie so much! It has great music and some hilarious gems of dialogue.

"He has guitar phobia."