Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SARS Wars (2003)

SARS Wars (2003)

February 26th, 6:30PM in Garland 104 (2441 E. Hartford)

During the last decade or so, Thai cinema has been able to break into the international arena with art films and dramas such as Last Life in the Universe and action films like Ong Bak. Another area that is equally popular domestically is the Thai horror comedy. More recent films like Body Jumper and Sick Nurses have shown that Thai horror films have a firm place in the international market, especially the quirky little oddities such as SARS Wars.

The films plot involves the kidnaping of the daughter of a prominent industrialist by a crime gang. Unknown to them is the fact that their high rise hideout has become the starting point for a new zombie making super SARS virus.

Before long it’s a frantic mix up as the criminals, bounty hunters and average citizens all attempt to survive the zombie bloodbath. The situations in the film become progressively over the top leading to some interesting encounters. SARS Wars is a film that does not take itself very seriously, but takes the viewer along for a strange, but enjoyable ride through its own crazed logic.

Thailand, Director Truc 'Charlie' Nguyen, Cast Johnny Nguyen, Dustin Nguyen and Thanh Van Ngo, 104 minutes, in Thai with English Subtitles.

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