Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fall Guy (1982)

Fall Guy (1982)

January 29th, 6:30PM in Garland 104 (2441 E. Hartford)

Director Kinji Fukasaku is best known in the United States for Battle Royale (2000) or his gritty 1970's Gangster films, but his carrier is actually much more diverse. An example of this is 1982's Fall Guy. Its story is a kind of comedy/melodrama centering on the character of a self obsessed star actor and his exploits in and out of the movie studio and ranges from serious to near slapstick.

Japan, Director Kinji Fukasaku, Cast Morio Kazama. Keiko Matsuzaka, Mitsuru Hirata and Chika Takami, 109 minutes, in Japanese with English Subtitles.

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